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Corporate Services

REDUTECH offers services to the corporate working in the Railway industry for recruitment of the Fresh Engineering graduates and Diploma Holders and trains them to make them ready for the Job. We also offer training to the employees for the completion of a specific task or project.

Presently we are training for :

Railway Signaling projects

Railway Overhead Electrification Projects

Railway Operations and Project management.

In today’s competitive world retaining an employee is a big challenge. Especially the ones who are working for the moderate packages. We offer training that will help you retain your employees with your organization and motivate them to be more productive and efficient.

More details of training, price, and trainers’ profile are available on request.

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Are you looking for entry-level candidates or trained professionals to join your team? We in the Redutech offer industry recruiters a platform to hire some of the best financial professionals!

As the global business environment becomes increasingly competitive, companies are focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing other operations. It is a constant challenge for companies to find skilled resources and to match the speed and scale of business expansion.

Our programs are largely market-driven with hands-on training in relevance to the industrial practices. With our customer-centric innovations, we ensure the best possible deliverables. We help to offer, hire, train, and deploy constructive models required for your new hires. We offer you a solution that can encompass all elements of the recruiting process in terms of hiring, training, recruiting, orientation, and long-term integration.

Those trained with our expertise also have prior work experience and come with appropriate technical educational backgrounds. These highly skilled professionals are proficient in various functions required by the Rai Industry beginning from Railway Signaling and telecommunication, Overhead electrification, Railway operations, providing data management and cyber security etc.. They seek to be a noteworthy addition to your organization with quality technical domain knowledge, efficient and skilled training, application-based strategies, and work ethics that make for a valuable asset to your team!

Our students get placed with some of the top recruiters in the industry! We have a track record of students getting hired after a rigorous selection process by companies ranging from global multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups. Our students stand out with their knowledge, confidence, competency, and skill. What sets them apart from others is that our programs provide a hands-on experience, are practical and experiential in nature, and prepare them to deliver results right from the first day of their job with the minimal company training required.

At REDUTECH, you are sure to hire the best and get hired by the best!

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Solve a Business Challenge

Change is said to be chaotic, but adapting to change is how businesses survive. Consider how in a blink of an eye the world went online as the pandemic hit. Many businesses were shut and only the fittest survived. In a global economy that is constantly shifting, companies agree that innovation is crucial to both survival and success “According to McKinsey, 80% of executives think their current business models are at risk to be disrupted in the near future. In addition, 84% of executives say that innovation is important to their growth strategy”.

At Redutech, we believe in the fact that only the fittest survives, therefore we are at the forefront in adapting to changes that might prove to be quite challenging. With every business, one aspect always remains persistent and that is the basic risk factor or challenges faced in the business world. As a business, you struggle to find quick solutions to your business challenges and need help. You probably need help to revisit the problem, explore alternate solutions, or innovate further and find a way forward. Redutech can help you with this.

Enterprise Solutions

The corporate world is dynamic and to keep the business running companies need to keep on training and updating their employees with new policies and procedures. Employees have to continually upskill themselves, adapt to new programs, and establish and expand their horizon. The biggest task for the corporations here is to choose a perfect training solution for employees which will increase the efficiency and profitability of the organization.

This is where the Redutech. Steps in, we offer learning and development strategies that maximize the usage of customized learning solutions. Not just that post-pandemic understanding the potential of technology, we provide accessible learning and communication methods which fit into this digital era.

Our programs are customizable, delivered in hybrid mode and offers experiential learning to learners. We can plug into your annual training calendar, or help you fix your Training Need Analysis (TNA gaps) or supplement your Learning and & Development strategic goals. We can help you on board new employees, up-skill, re-skill current employees, guide employees to upgrade before applying for internal jobs posting or conduct end to end training to ensure compliance to regulatory needs. Our interventions can help you acquire new business opportunities, refresh professional skills of your leadership team.

Talk to us, drop us an email at contact@redutech.org. To know how we can add value to your organization.