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Once you have completed a degree, it’s going to take more than a degree and a winning smile to convince employers to hire you. Pre-employment training is your way to show your knowledge of applications being used in the industry, a commitment to professionalism, self-improvement, and excellence. They are one of the most important factors in making yourself appealing in the job market.

The duration of the training is Six months and a student in the 6-8th semester can join the training. The training offered is for working in Railway Industry. The entire course is covered through online interactive training, therefore you can complete it by staying in your college hostel or home. Participation in a 5 days boot camp is compulsory to complete the training. The industry-accepted certificate is issued to all participants. The Project report of the training is submitted to College /University as an internship report which is required to complete the B.Tech. The fees for training vary from Rs.35,000 to Rs.50,000.

After completion of the training, the companies do interview for selection of the candidates, and based on their performance, job is offered with a package of Rs.3.5 Lakh to Rs.4.5 Lakh. There is job assurance for all successful candidates.

Even at entry-level positions, every prospective employer prefers to hire someone with industry experience whom they can rely on and who doesn’t require extensive training. Pre job training shows an employer that you made the most of your education and spent your free time outside of class on experiential learning.


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